Y-Flyer Sails

North Sails, Turner Marine, Chet TurnerNeoga, IL, USA(217) 895-3395yflyers@gmail.com
Rowland Sails, Bob RowlandSpring Valley, OH, USA(937) 862-7781
Leitch and McBride, SpinnakersSydney (Victoria), BC(217) 895-3395LeitchandMcBride.com
Kingston Sail Loft, John ClarkKingston, ON(613) 531-9373
Unbridled Sailing, Pat or Marc PassifumeLouisville, Ky USA(502) 718-2969www.unbridledsailing.com

Boat Covers

Sailors TailorSpring Valley, OH(937) 862-7781SailorsTailor.com
Pat Passifuime Travel and Tent CoversLouisville, Ky, USA(502) 594-5491jibsail2681@yahoo.com

Masts, Booms, Centreboards and Rudders

Turner Marine, Chet TurnerNeoga, IL, USA(217) 895-3395yflyers@gmail.com
Ken Peterson, Centreboards and RuddersBeloeil, QC(450) 467-9819kwptr@sympatico.ca
Doug Kinzer, Masts and BoomsBloomington, IN, USA(812) 606-3027evenkeel2788@gmail.com
Dwyer Masts and BoomsN. Branford, CT, USA(203) 484-0419sail@dwyermast.com

Rigging and Fittings

Glenmore SailboatsCalgary, ABGlenmoreSailboats.com
BoatcraftEdmonton, ABBoatcraft.com
Northern Sail WorksSt. Paul, MB(204) 338-2420Northernsailworks.com
CargoWinnipeg, MB(204) 956-0771Cargoeast.com
Turner Marine, Chet TurnerNeoga, IL, USA(217) 895-3395yflyers@gmail.com
RaceliteMaple Heights, OH USA(216) 581-4600Racelitehardware.com
FoghEtobicoke, ON(416) 251-0384Foghmarine.com
ChandleryOttawa, ON(343) 700-3882ChandleryOnline.com
Wood epoxied keelsons –
Ken Peterson
Beloeil, QC(450) 467-9819Mahogany or Birch
Additional options available.
Cost of materials only. Free Labour!
Annapolis Performance Sailing, Magic Boxes etcAnnapolis, Ma, USAwww.apsltd.com
Doug Kinzer, New lever forestay connection etcBloomington, IN, USA(812) 606-3027evenkeel2788@gmail.com

Plywood / Materials

Windsor PlywoodWestern CanadaWindsorPlywood.com/
Boat CraftEdmonton, ABBoatcraft.com
Noah’s MarineToronto, ON(800) 524-7517Noahsmarine.com/

Boat Repairs

Turner Marine, Chet Turner FibreglassNeoga, IL, USA(217) 895-3395yflyers@gmail.com
Doug Kinzer Fibreglass and WoodBloomington, IN, USA(812) 606-3027evenkeel2788@gmail.com
Ken Peterson WoodBeloeil, QC(450) 467-9819kwptr@sympatico.ca